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Sleep Easy Classes & Workshops

Psychologist and author Arthur Ciaramicoli formerly of Harvard Medical School, believes that better sleep is one of the ways we can relieve stress, however 66% of Americans in a recent study admitted to lying awake at night troubled by the physical or emotional effects of stress. 

Many of us have developed unhelpful habits through lack of understanding about what our bodies need for regular good sleep.  We also tend to lie awake worrying or planning, finding it hard to switch off our busy brains.

With these classes and workshops you can learn to understand your own sleep pattern and how to optimise your body's own ability for good sleep; and how to calm the brain ready for sleep.

Mindfulness and sleep 6 week course

available for one-to-one or small groups. Please email me for details or join my mailing list to hear about new courses straight away.

Would you like to learn how to sleep better?

Explore some of the barriers preventing you from sleeping well and some easy to learn exercises & simple changes you can make to start improving your sleep right away.


  • About the science of sleep

  • The science of mindfulness & how this can aid you in better sleep

  • Good sleep practice

  • About your natural rhythms & sleep stages  

  • How to use simple breathing & relaxation techniques to encourage better sleep

Contact me directly to arrange a one-to-one session: 07341 264686 /



or see here for details of upcoming workshops.

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