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Classes, courses and workshops

Please note that classes and workshops are currently being taught both in person and online - please contact me for up to date information

Regular classes are held throughout the Vale of Glamorgan as well as courses and workshops. Classes include meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, pregnancy and chronic pain groups. All classes are seated for comfort and cover easy to learn techniques to still the breath, still the body and still the mind within a supportive setting.

On-going classes include beginners' mindfulness  & meditation groups, intermediate & experienced meditation groups, Mindful Movement and Celtic Meditation.

Full 8 week mindfulness courses and shorter introduction courses also run regularly.

The popular Introduction to Mindfulness courses follow the 8-week MBSR program but are less intensive for those who are keen to introduce mindfulness into their lives without the commitment of many hours practice per week. In this course you learn all the core practices and principles, with recorded materials and handouts for home practice and the guidance of an experienced mindfulness teacher. You are able to practice at your own pace as you discover how mindfulness supports your daily activities and relationships. Jon Kabat Zinn calls the practice one of 'falling awake' as we realise how to be truly present. This course supports you in developing a sustainable on-going mindfulness practice which will benefit you for years to come.

Celtic Meditation classes run weekly for those who would like to learn meditation within a Celtic Early Christian & pre-Christian context. Quiet contemplation has been at the heart of spiritual philosophy since its beginnings.  Early humans would gaze into the fire as a spiritual act, and the Celtic Christians brought their reverence and quiet reflection of creation into their worship.

Mindful Movement (Shibashi) classes: 

Regular gentle exercise classes are held throughout the week and these will be complimented soon by an online drop in class either for those who cannot attend in person or who would like a top-up to their weekly class.

See the Mindful Movement page for more information about Mindful Movement and how it can benefit you, and the Times and Venues page for details about classes.

I also run private groups on request and am always happy to discuss running new courses and coming to your group or place of work.

Courses and workshops need to be booked in advance however drop-in and taster sessions are also available.

If you do not see what you want listed here, or have an idea how I could help you or your group, please contact me.


Regular Workshops

Please note: new dates are added continuously

By booking for a workshop you are agreeing that you will inform Stillworks of any medical conditions which may affect your ability or suitability to take part, and that you have the permission of your mental health care team if applicable.

The Evidence For...


This popular online workshop series is an opportunity to examine the latest evidence from researchers and neuroscientists such as Kristen Neff, Christopher Germer, Rick Hanson, Richard Davidson, Dan Siegel, David Hamilton, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg & Jack Kornfield.

During the workshop we will explore the science and try some of the short practices within the context of what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it helps, each workshop will follow a particular theme such as how mindfulness improves sleep, or how compassion increases emotional resilience.

We will discuss the evolution of the brain based on work by David Eagleman, Dean Burnett and evolutionary biologists and neuroscientists to understand common human traits, why these sometimes cause difficulty for us and how to harness the function of the brain for our advantage.


The short practices throughout workshop help focus and ground our work as well as experience some of the teachings we will be discussing. I hope you can join me!

Next workshop:

The Evidence For Relational Mindfulness

Date: July 15th 2024 @ 5:30 - 7pm via zoom

Cost: £10 for SWC members / £18 non-members


Book via email 


Sundays 11am - 1pm 

Next Date:  July 7th 

Venue: Health Conscious in Llantwit Major

Cost: £20

These informal mornings combine Qigong, Shibashi & sitting practices. Suitable for all levels & abilities. Only 8 places available, please book in advance.



This brand new exciting retreat is coming to Llantwit this autumn!

Join me for a morning retreat comprising sound, music, movement, visualisation, storytelling, chanting & drumming. A truly unique experience drawing on my three decades of training in different traditions from Medicine Wheel teachings to the latest neuroscience.

Date: October 19th 10am - 1pm

Venue: The Old School, Llantwit Major

Cost: £25

Retreats and workshops through the Adult Education Service, Vale of Glamorgan:

These are held regularly throughout the year and details of upcoming workshops are on the Vale website (below). Please book directly with VOG on 01446 773831 or use the link below to register your interest (email Stillworks if you have trouble booking):

Course Search (

The Labyrinth 

For centuries, the labyrinth (above) has been a place of stillness, creativity and meaning. In this retreat, we will meditate on and walk the labyrinth. Suitable for anyone wishing to enjoy an afternoon unwinding and letting go.

Date: TBC

Venue: St. Illtud's Church, Llantwit Major


Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. 


Next Date: Spring 2025

Venue: TBC


Join me for a morning of mindfulness practice, including gentle ACT based Mindful Movement. You will have the chance to practice various lengths and types of meditation as a respite as well as useful practices for the future. Using techniques proven to reduce stress and promote well-being, this is suitable for all levels of experience.

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