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What is stillworks community?
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This community brings together people who want to better manage their stress to learn, share & grow together as we practice new habits which will reframe our mindset so that we can:

Increase calm and happiness
Reduce anxiety
Get more satisfaction out of our relationships, work, or time
Strengthen the relationships that matter most
Better support the people we care about
Manage long term physical or mental health conditions


An online community is simply a safe space where you can access resources, attend classes and events and share information, tips and ideas with other community members.

BUT! What makes this a community rather than just another place to find resources you may not have time to use or even look at properly, is that it really is a community of like minded people who over time become friends as you interact together.

How do you know if this is for you?
To decide whether this is something you will benefit from, have a look at the commonly asked questions below and if you have any questions or comments then I’d love to hear from you!

What’s the point of an online community?

Our online Mindfulness community offers affordable and accessible good quality, clinically proven techniques to address all of the points mentioned above, and many more.


Everything offered here comes from my experience and training over the last three decades, which includes my MSc research and ongoing research and training in specific areas of mindfulness, so that you can be sure that you are getting up to date information about practices, exercises and techniques that actually work and are grounded in the current science. 

Since we know that being a member of a group supports and encourages us to maintain a daily mindfulness practice, and that thousands of research studies show that it is the daily repetition of our practice that makes it work (even if this is just 3 minutes per day – see neuroscientist Prof. Richard Davidson’s research) joining a community which focuses on building healthy mindful habits is going to benefit us in many ways.

We also know that there is something called ‘group effect’ which produces beneficial feelings from being part of a group, as well as intensifying experiences so that we get more out of practicing together than alone. I personally belong to two online communities; one which meets to practice daily and one which meets weekly. These have sustained and supported my practice in many ways over the years. 


How does it work?
I  use the platform called Mighty Networks which is a private sharing platform without advertising or links to any social media so you are completely secure and will only see and be able to reply to material I have posted or other community members have shared.

You can choose whether or not you want to receive notifications so, unlike WhatsApp groups where you get notified every time someone comments on someone else’s comment (which can become distracting and overwhelming) you choose when you want to interact and just read what you are interested in.


There are different threads for different topics so you can ignore whatever doesn’t interest you.

What will it cost me in time and money?
First, you decide how much or how little time you want to invest to involve yourself in what is offered. 

Rather than charge a large monthly fee, you will be charged monthly / annually for the basic package, with the option of adding more content if you want this in the form of self-study courses, workshops and live events. 


What will I get in return?
First off you will have regular access to my experience and knowledge gathered over thirty years of teaching and practicing meditation and mindfulness.


You can ask me questions in the chat, during live classes, or the regular Q&A sessions. You can post a question if you cannot attend live and then watch the recording later. 

All the recordings from classes and live events will be available to you on the Stillworks Community page for as long as you are a member with unlimited access. There will also be a library of audio recordings of practices available to you as soon as you join so there will be plenty to be getting on with.


We also have monthly 'Coffeeshops' - these 60 minute meetups are more of a coffee & chat rather than formal workshops, where we explore a different theme each month. 

You will also be part of a community which can share resources and tips together, and even arrange to meet online or chat with each other in small groups outside of classes to practice together or discuss whatever comes up. There will be guidance on how best to manage this and it is a great resource for connecting easily with like-minded people.

Finally, by becoming a member of the community you will be able to take advantage of early bird offers, discounts on online courses and members’ only prices for one-to-one coaching.


The Nitty Gritty

The basic monthly membership package is £18.99 per month - this is less than £5 a week, and there is a discount for the annual membership.


For this you will receive:

*weekly recordings of between 15 and 30 minutes each every Monday morning with a short practice and some teaching tips for the week 
*Face to face online classes each Thursday morning term time and access to the recordings if you can't make the class (shortly moving to Wednesday evenings)
*In between each set of 6-8 week classes there will be 30 minute live Q&A meetings where you can ask or discuss anything that's on your mind
*Every 4 – 6 weeks a meetup of 1 hr with practices and Q&A where we will explore a particular theme - you can suggest some topics of interest for these evening meet ups and post questions beforehand if you can't make the meeting so that you can watch and hear your questions being answered in the recording.

What is currently available?

Once you become a member you have unlimited access to all the recordings that are already on the site, that's audio recordings of teachings and practices as well as videos of classes and meetings, and links to anything that supports these practices. 

Our next evening meet up - Stillworks Coffeeshop - is live on March 20th   @ 6 - 7pm.

PLUS! Discounts for online workshops including the next Evidence for... workshops on April 11th & July 15th. See here for more info.

There will be a later launch for Mumsight Awakening which is a sister community with resources especially for Mums. More details will follow and there will be reductions for people who want to belong to both groups.

How do I join?

You can either email me for an invitation or use the link below which takes you straight to the joining and payment page; once you have paid you are a member. It's as simple as that. Once a member you can access the areas you have paid for and all the links will be there for you as long as your membership lasts, including all material from previous classes you have missed. Some areas are 'private', for paid up members only, so you need to request permission to enter these spaces and I will then give you access. It's very straightforward and users tell me that it is extremely easy to navigate.

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