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One to One Appointments

If you have a specific need

How a one-to-one appointment will benefit you

Sometimes a group setting may not be appropriate; you may have a specific need which requires more individual attention for example, or you may want to explore your meditation or mindfulness practice in a deeper manner with individual coaching.

One-to-one sessions are entirely tailored to your needs and can include:

  • time to explore your thoughts and feelings in more depth within a supportive and nurturing setting

  • space to practice at your own pace

  • personalised courses and exercises

  • a mix of Mindfulness, meditation techniques and hypnotherapy

These can be arranged for a set period of time (e.g. 6 or 8 weeks) or can be ongoing for a longer period as you explore and extend your practice.

One-to-one sessions usually begin with an initial consultation of an hour at £18.50 to establish an agreed working relationship and then continue at £45 per hour with concessions available and reductions for a block of sessions if booked and paid for in advance.

I recommend weekly sessions to begin with for at least 4 weeks to establish a sound practice which includes short exercises for you to start using straight away with ongoing support before moving onto longer sitting practices.

Please speak to me for further details:

07341 264686

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