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What is Mindful parenting?
We'd all like to be the epitome of the happy, calm parent with smiling children and time to spend being together in mutually nurturing ways, right?  
But real life isn't like that, is it?
Well, it is true that real life is not a permanent picnic, stroll along the beach or a constant stream of blissful events.  However, family life can be calmer, more enjoyable and healthier in every sense. 

Mindfulness and meditation will help with the stresses and strains of parenthood as well as allowing us to equip our children with a tool box of strategies to use throughout their lives.  Childhood stress is on the increase for many reasons and these techniques have been shown to help children cope more effectively. 

You could start with a mindful birthing plan.  You can incorporate into your day 3- minute breathing (or 1 minute!) You can teach your toddler easy to learn mindful ‘games’ as well as settling exercises for bedtime.


You can bathe, eat, walk and clean mindfully! You can learn relaxation techniques and slow down enough to enjoy your baby and your child as he or she grows and develops.

Feedback from previous courses:

“A wonderful way to bond you and your baby or child…9 months on since the mindful parenting course I use the techniques on a weekly basis.”

“My home is now calm.”

"Natalie is a fantastic teacher, patient, kind, approachable and caring"

Mindfulness for older children:

Natalie has taught all ages from 0-90+ and there are techniques for everyone.  Options include:

  • After school groups

  • private family groups

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques for exam preparation

Please contact Stillworks for more information.

Mindful parenting with Stillworks:


Fun mindfulness for babies and toddlers - easy to learn techniques for parents and children (0-3)

6-week courses in St. Athan, @ The Gathering Place. Next courses starting spring 2018 (£30). Cost covers up to 2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 children. Extra places at £1.50 per week to cover materials. Each session involves fun exercises, games, sensory play and stories for both you and your child to develop skills in sleeping, staying calm and enjoying your relationship with each other.

Sign up for free taster sessions via email - held regularly throughout Llantwit Major, Barry, Bridgend and the Vale.

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