mindful movement

Learning mindfulness through gentle movement

Through gently moving the body we combine mindfulness teachings with specially formulated movements making mindfulness practice truly accessible for more people 

Tai Chi

These classes are perfect for anyone wishing to practice mindfulness with alternatives to sitting meditations. Comprising breathwork with gentle movements  based on Shibashi, a meditative form of Qigong and specifically designed for this class, we release tension in the body and clear the mind. This evidence-based form of exercise improves physical and emotional well-being and is suitable for anyone as the movements can be performed standing or sitting and are designed to accommodate all levels of physical ability. Each class will end with a deep relaxation exercise.

Why join a Mindful Movement class?

  • It’s an enjoyable way to meditate through movement

  • Movement has always been an integral part of mindfulness practice

  • Extensive studies show that mindful movement improves the mind-body connection

  • This evidence-based form of exercise has been developed by experts in ACT & Qigong

Where can I find a class?

Regular classes are held in the Llantwit Major, Cowbridge and Barry area with workshops and retreats held around the UK when possible. See the Times and Venues page for more details.

Classes are currently for beginners with classes for more experienced participants to be introduced in 2022.