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Mindfulness at work

some of the ways it can help you & your business
  • Mindfulness is proven to increase resilience, emotional intelligence, creativity and wellbeing

  • Mindfulness in the workplace has shown improved productivity, relationships and performance

  • Practitioners develop skills in improved attention, communication and organisation

  • Absenteeism levels drop as stress levels are reduced and the immune system improved

  • Addiction to illegal drugs, prescribed medication, alcohol, caffeine and gambling is reduced

  • Sleep is improved producing more efficient use of time at work

  • ​Employees show increased happiness, job satisfaction and personal fulfillment

Amishi Jha, a University of Miami neuroscientist who investigates mindfulness-training’s effects on individuals in high-stress situations, says of the studies conducted by Lazar of Harvard University: 

'These results shed light on the mechanisms of action of mindfulness-based training. They demonstrate that the first-person experience of stress can not only be reduced with an eight-week mindfulness training program but that this experiential change corresponds with structural changes in the amygdala, a finding that opens doors to many possibilities for further research on MBSR’s potential to protect against stress-related disorders'

the evidence

What we offer

Stillworks offers individually tailored courses to suit your needs, however listed opposite are some of the options you can choose from.

With a background in business and managerial experience in education you can be reassured of a professional and rigorous service.

Please contact Natalie to discuss in more detail your own preferences and to develop a fully costed proposal. Prices start at £500 per day teaching, plus  travel and extra course development costs.

Introduction to Mindfulness in the workplace

A one-day workshop covering basic elements of :

How to incorporate mindfulness in daily life

How to improve life / work balance

Mindfulness practices to enhance the working environment

How to use mindfulness for planning, leadership and specific business needs

Overcoming pressure at work

Half / full day workshops on specific themes:

Stress management

Positive relationships

Developing thought and reaction control

6 or 8 week in-depth courses

A more systematic approach covering:

Becoming aware

Dealing with difficulty

Breathing techniques

Being present

Acceptance and letting go

Thinking skills

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