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8 week mindfulness courses are available at certain times in the year.

Over the 8 weeks you will receive weekly tuition and support as you learn the exercises and visualisations.

Each week you will receive course notes and home-practice sheets.

You will also be given a Full Body Scan practice CD. 

To get the most from the course you will need to commit to daily practice and to keeping a private record of your progress.

8 week mindfulness courses


The cost is £100 including all course materials, a guide to the seven mindful behaviours, one-hour a week intensive training, a practice CD and on-going support.

Please contact me for more details and check the 'Times and Venues' page for details of up-coming courses. 

What you will learn:

Over the 8 sessions you will learn about the 7 attitudes of mindfulness practice and the deepening of mindfulness in our lives.

Each week you will learn at least one exercise focusing on the breath as well as mindful visualisations to practise.

Some of these will be unique to Stillworks.

You will be given detailed instructions on how to develop your home practice and ongoing support for the 8 weeks between sessions.

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